The Environnment

Earths environment is/was/and forever will be at risk due to technology. There can’t be new technological advancements without harming the environment. Globalization has spread ideas that don’t involve protecting the environment, the focus is just on maximum profit at lowest cost, which leads to the environment being thrown to the wayside.


Superman leaves us (visual essay)

“Truth, justice, and the American way – it’s not enough anymore,” claims Superman. “The world’s too small, too connected.”

This is my view of globalization. The world shrinking, becoming so interconnected that Superman can no longer afford to have his actions seem as those on behalf of the U.S. government. The superhero all American kids (and adults) love is no longer American. This truely shows how globalization has effected us, Superman leaving is a direct result of the cumulative negative aspects of globalization that the U.S. has helped contribute to (not that it’s all intentional). I think it’s important to note that we’ve lost a little bit of our culture here… on the bright side, we still have multi billionaire Bruce Wayne as the caped crusader.

ps. I wouldnt worry about Batman leaving cause he is getting the movie deals.


“How the ‘price’ of sex has dropped to record lows”

 Cheap Dates

This article talks a lot about the economics of women losing control in the sex market rather than the effects of globalization, however “…gender equality, the Pill and the advent of Internet porn” sound like outcomes of globalization to me.

Best part of the article-    “So, what can women do to return the balance of sexual power in their favor? Stop putting out, experts say. If women collectively decided to cross their legs, the price of sex would soar and women would regain control of the market. Like a whoopie cartel.”

Questions about globalization

1. What are all possible outcomes of globalization?

-It’s important to understand the pros and cons of globalization in order to consider whether or not it’s something governments should try and intervene with.

2. How does globalization affect nationalism?

-Nationalism has caused/fueled many wars in the past, we should consider globalizations affect on it.

3. What is the leading factor of globalization?

-It is important to fully understand how globalization works and what makes it’s heart beat so that we know how to stop it or perhaps help it spread.